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Find used machines for building construction, civil engineering, concrete technology and material handling. All used cranes, used construction machines and used parts are dealer- and manufacturer-independent and go into resale in verified condition. Benefit from daily updated offers, attractive prices and fast availability.

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Liebherr machines last a lifetime. That is why they are also valued by our customers as used machines. Whether young or old construction machines: reliability, performance and economy remain our selling points – regardless of whether the machine is brand new or has already been used a few times.

Every machine on offer is thoroughly reviewed and serviced by our experienced technicians before it is resold. We provide this safety, regardless of the manufacturer, for all used mobile and crawler cranes, mobile construction cranes, tower cranes, earthmoving equipment, port equipment and concrete technology – in other words, all products on the marketplace.

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Used machines as an attractive alternative to new purchases

The rising costs of materials and production have led to price adjustments in the new machine market, which is putting increasing pressure on companies' budgets. At the same time, supply chain disruptions have become a significant problem, leading to longer waiting times for the delivery of new machines.

In this context, used machines are an attractive alternative for buyers. A key advantage is the immediate availability of used machines and used accessories. This is particularly important for accepting new orders and completing ongoing projects on time. Used construction machines and used cranes are generally more cost-effective than their new counterparts. The initial depreciation that occurs with new machines in the first few years after purchase has already been run through and the lower purchase price of a used machine ties up less capital. Good documentation of the machine's condition and maintenance cycles provides the buyer with safety when deciding in favour of a used machine.